Quest Information

Given From: Timic Dulkies


Tree Shade Monkey Location

Treeshade Monkey location.

The grocery dealer, Timic, asked you to punish Treeshade Monkeys that messed up his shop. You have to hunt Treeshade Monkeys and return to Tmic within 60 minutes without delay. You have to hunt at least 5 of them.

You can find Treeshade Monkey near the village.


70 Experience
1,050 Gold


After grabbing the quest run out of the south of the town and proceed down the road a little ways. Once a little bit outside of the village turn to the east to find the Treeshade Monkeys.


Quest Text

What am I supposed to do? Even though you've come, I can't sell you any items. Actually I'm in trouble now. You wouldn't happen to want ot hear about it, would you?

A little while ago, I had to mae a trip outside the village, so I vacated a shop unattended for a while. I didn't think anything would happen..but those damn Treeshade Monkeys wrecked my entire shop!

I don't think I'll be able to do business for a while; sorry for the trouble.

I have a huge favor to ask. Can you go and beat those monkeys? Of course you can hunt more than 5, but don't forget to come back within 60 minutes.

Reward Text

Sweeter, warmer..

Don't mind me I'm crazy. Thanks for the help. Here's your BOOTY!