Quest Information

Given From: Aridon Guard
Level Requirement: 1
Pre-Requisites: <none>


This is the first mission in the Teos. The Aridon Security asked you to go hunting Small Jaw Dappled Spiders. Dispose of 5 Small Jaw Dappled Spiders and return to Adron Security.

You can find spiders easily nearby.


50 Experience
330 Gold


This quest is quite simple. After grabbing the quest turn around and the Small Jaw Dappled Spiders will be right behind you.


Quest Text

Newcomer, Good to see you. Whether you selected the path of the warrior or the path of the magician you'll definately make a big contribution to our union.

However, fighting requires a lot more than spirit.

Judging by your appearance, you don't have any combat experience yet.

Just begin with Small Jaw Dappled Spider. They are too weak compared to real enemies, but they'll be good enough for you to experience combat.

First, dispose of 5 of them, and return.

Reward Text

All right, you have passed your first mission. I will give you another one.