Quest Information

Given From: Drunca
Level Requirement: 23
Prerequisites: <none>


Drunca is trying to find out what's behind a rumor about Daisy, who works in the pub. You have to find Daisy's grandpa, the headman Duster, and listen to the story.


300 Experience


Simply turn around and walk to Duster.


Quest Text

Daisy is an employee working at the pub. She is not only cheerful and bright, but also meticulous in her job. I'm always so thankful that she is around.

However, there is a rumor circulating about her these days. I hate rumors, but I have to know what is going on. The farm headman, Duster is her grandpa. Please find Duster and check it out.

Reward Text

Mr. Drunca asked you to do this? That rumor about Daisy? ...hmm...