Quest Information

Given From: Duster
Level Requirement: 22
Prerequisites: Stonehammer Dwarf(1)


You have to get rid of 5 Stonehammer Dwarf Miners and 5 Stonehammer Dwarf Skilled Masters and return to Duster of the Haldeck Farm.

You can find Stonehammer Dwarves southeast of the farm.


6,700 Experience
27,060 Gold


So south to the Stonehammer Vill and run across the vill to the mine. Enter the mine and turn left. Proceed down this tunnel until you meet the Stonehammer Dwarves needed to complete this quest.


Quest Text

Now that their hands are empty, they will be pretty bewildered. Now is the best time to reduce their numbers, when they're scattered and unarmed. Right, if you want to do this, do it swiftly.

Dispose of Stonehammer Dwarf Miners and Stonehammer Dwarf Skilled Masters each and come back to me.

Reward Text

Excellent work. You were a great help. Thank, young adventurer.