Quest Information

Given From: Duster
Level Requirement: 22
Prerequisites: <none>


You have to dispose of Stonehammer Dwarf Defense Guard, collect 10 Dwarf Weapons and report back to Duster, the head man of Haldeck Farm. You can find stonehammer dwarves southeast of the farm.


6,000 Experience
25,080 Gold


Take the path toward Stonehammer Vill, and you will encounter Stonehammer Dwarf Defense Guard before arriving to the village. Kill them until you have acquired all 10 Dwarf Weapons, and return to Duster.


Quest Text

The relationship between the Dwarves and the Humans is as bad as those between the Elves and the Orcs. Dwarves took advantage of time when humans devoted themselves to the war against the Union of Fury and stole most of the mines the humans were developing. Humans have fought against the Dwarves ever since. There are always exceptions, and among the Dwarves there is one unique Dwarf clan that maintains a good relationship with the humans: the Silverhawk Clan. Even though they are Dwarves, they are true friends, and they know what justice and righteousness are. Farin Silverhawk, a dwarf in the Silverhawk clan, is a good customer and stays in the farm.

Not too long ago, I heard a rumor from another dwarf friend. Stonehammer Dwarves occupying the mine below our farm are planning to invade the village. These Stonehammer Dwarves have the worst relationship with the Silverhawk clan. Personally, I think that offense is the best defense.

It would be absurd to think you could take down all the dwarves by yourself. Let's start by binding their hands. You know what I mean? I mean I want you to dispose of Stonehammer Dwarf Defense Guards and steal their weapons.

Reward Text

Good Job. Hey, I could use muscle like you around here...