The Ranger is one of three Classes only available to the Elves.

Classes Ranger


Class Icon Ranger Rangers automatically gains + 1 to DEX each Level.


The Ranger uses knowledge of the forest and the wilds to blend into the surroundings. Stealth and deception are the trademarks of a good Ranger. Ambush and evasion are staples of combat as a Ranger. They also know how to frighten some monsters away. Rangers can disguise themselves as harmless creatures, further enabling their stealth.

Beginning Stats


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The Ranger has 3 options for combat, the damage set, the poison set, and the stun set. The damage set focuses on killing quickly as possible, usually ending losing massive SP. The poison set takes a slower approach, as it wittles down health over time. Meanwhile, the stun set is solely for the purpose of keeping the enemy paralyzed so they are unable to attack, move, or heal giving you time to get free hits.

Class Match-ups

Fighters or Warriors- Your DEX will come in handy. It's either you take direct hits, or the enemy keeps missing.

Defenders or Guardians - Most likely a stalemate. Poisoning will help take down health.

Priests or Oracles - A very easy fight if you have the "Stun Set".

Mages or Pagans - Being a ranger, chances are that you will have low WIS and take tremendous amounts of damage. Stunning is the best option.

Archers or Hunters - Avoid being stunned. You have a slight upper hand. The stun and poison sets will help alot. Critical hits will finish any Ranger quickly.

Another Rangers or an Assassins - 50% chance of winning.

Group Support

Rangers are primarily a solo class. The Incantation buff is very useful for Archers, however, other classes do not rely on LUC. Sprinter increases the movement speed of a party. Rangers have few AOEs which come with long recharge times after each use which lowers the effectiveness on AOE parties.