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This is a list of all the Quests available to Union of Fury characters in Reikeuseu.

(Please note, these are being made and filled out as they are being done. So some will not be finished, or scarcely started (If you see "(TBD)", it means "To Be Determined"). Also note that the character doing the quests is a normal difficulty Pagan. So not all the rewards (such as those for assassins, fighters, etc) will be filled out, and the difficulty the quest is available in will also not be filled out, as I don't know if it's a normal or easy difficulty. The level the quest becomes available will also be left blank as it will take far too much work to keep track of it all. A final note is that the quests are listed in the order that they are being done, though I shall attempt to arrange them by difficulty.)

Level Available Mode Quest Name From NPC Reward
Level 1   Talent Test (Part One) Aridon Guard 50 EXP

330 Icon Gold

Level 2   Talent Test (Part Two) Aridon Guard 100 EXP

520 Icon Gold

Level ?   Vail's Village Aridon Aridon Captain 10 EXP
Level ?   Parphala's Favor Parphala Karniel 100 EXP

1180 Icon Gold
Noble Steel Short Sword

Level 3   Grisel's Armor Grisel Lisen 100 EXP

1180 Icon Gold
Noble Pelt Protector
Noble Toga Protector

Level ?   Arteria Blood Lab Visit Lamia Muren (TBD)
Level ?   New Job Limpers Pellum 30 EXP
Level ?   Mosens favor Mosen Kiesto (TBD)
Level ?   Pagan's Path Mosen Kiesto 20 EXP
Level 3   Roise's Gate Roise Stella 10 EXP

100 Icon Gold

Level ?   That Man That Woman Lia Kreis 10 EXP

200 Icon Gold

Level ?   That Man That Woman(2) Barren Deiatt 10 EXP

200 Icon Gold

Level ?   That Man That Woman(3) Lia Kreis 10 EXP

200 Icon Gold