The Nordein also know as 'Deatheaters', are one of four playable Races have joined with the Vail to form the Union of Fury.

Races Nordein

Male and Female Nordein


Towards the end of the great war, the Goddesses created the Nordein to help protect Teos. The Nordein, or “Deatheaters,” have every appearance of being brutish and unintelligent, violent and aggressive. But this race of Ancients is a book that should not be judged by its cover. In the wars that followed their appearance on Teos, the Nordein acquired a disdain for magic and choose not to use it often, if at all. This is likely one reason that they sided with the spiritual Vail, and not the magical Elves.

Race Bonus

Deatheaters get a STR and REC bonus upon creation, all of them having 2 STR and 2 REC more than other races (see other races articles for different bonuses.)


There are three classes available to the Nordein, they are;

Class Icon Warrior Warrior
Class Icon Guardian Guardian
Class Icon Hunter Hunter


As standard there are five hairstyles, five faces and five heights to choose from.