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This is a list of monsters that can be found in Erina.

Monsters in Erina Spawn Map

Monster Spawn Map

Dungeon Monsters

Erina's Monsters

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Wild Antelope Erina 5
Chief Antelope Erina 20
Rockthorn Antelope Erina 40
Rough Hair Antelope Erina 60
Cornwell Forest Big Horn Antelope Erina 70
Edged Blade Horn Antelope Erina 74
Windtale Forest Large Brown Bear Erina 13
Windtale Forest Brown Bear Erina 16
Cornwell Brown Bear Erina 27
Deaf Big Bear Erina 47
Wild Field Bear Erina 54
Forest Ranger Brown Bear Erina 65
Vagabond Big Brown Bear Erina 66
Windtale Forest Wild Boar Erina 1
Windtale Forest Large Wild Boar Erina 15
Rakenose Field Boar Erina 46
Wild Boar Erina 61
Thief Boar Erina 84
Cloron Guard Erina 36
Cloron Ogre Erina 37
Cloron Patroler Erina 38
Cloron Goblin Erina 39
Chief Ogre Erina 41
Ogre Hunter Erina 42
Ogre Patroler Erina 43
Kaznil Erina 93
Dwarf Bandit Erina 83
Dwarf Sword Fighter Erina 86
Kerioter Guard Erina 87
Kerioter Worker Erina 88
Kerioter Skilled Master Erina 89
Kerioter Fighter Erina 90
Kerioter Miner Erina 92
Fox Erina 7
Bulbuous Eye Fox Erina 14
Rough Tail Fox Erina 18
Renar Erina 21
Blood Tear Ground Ghost Erina 28
Great Tree Haunting Ghost Erina 29
Small Ground Ghost Erina 30
Cloron Evil Spirit Erina 33
Cloron Ghost Erina 34
Stonepick Goblin Sword Fighter Erina 78
Stonepick Goblin Shaman Erina 79
Stonepick Goblin Chaser Erina 80
Burglar Erina 81
Stonepick Goblin Sentinel Erina 82
Leopardess Warrior Erina 22
Leopardess Chaser Erina 23
Eolith Erina 25
Treeshade Monkey Erina 3
Small Thief Monkey Erina 6
Thief Monkey Erina 7
Grimaxe Orc Fighter Erina 8
Grimaxe Orc Warrior Erina 9
Grimaxe Orc Shaman Erina 10
Cloron Orc Warrior Erina 31
Cloron Orc Gladiator Erina 32
Sword Tail Sealakel Fighter Erina 49
Sword Tail Sealakel Wizard Erina 50
Sword Tail Sealakel Sentinel Erina 51
Sword Tail Sealakel Combatant Erina 52
Dolama Erina 53
Discus Sealakel Summoner Erina 56
Discus Sealakel Warrior Erina 57
Discus Sealakel Wizard Erina 58
Discus Sealakel Hero Erina 59
Delono Erina 91
Windtail Forest Wood Sprite Erina 11
Windtail Forest Guard Wood Sprite Erina 12
Isprit Erina 35
Withered Branch Wood Sprite Erina 44
Whip Branch Wood Sprite Erina 45
Peasant Toad Erina 48
Gigantic Toad Erina 67
Cornwell Toad Erina 75
Windtail Forest Little Wolf Erina 2
Windtail Forest Small Ear Wolf Erina 17
Windtail Forest Wolf Erina 19
Chief Group Wolf Erina 24
Strong Jaw Group Wolf Erina 55
Blunt Wolf Erina 62
Luper Erina 63
Group Wolf Teeth Erina 64
Cornwell Forest Ghost Wolf Erina 68
Cornwell Forest Large Ghost Wolf Erina 71
Blunt Teeth Wolf Erina 85
Vagabond Zombie Erina 26
Rusted Poising Zombie Erina 69
Vicious Ancient Corpse Erina 72
Sticky Liquid Zombie Erina 76
Cornwell Forest Zombie Erina 77
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