Quest Information

Quest issued by: Kvasir
Quest Level Requirement: 21
Quest Prerequisites: <none>


You have to give two Thin Meats to Kvasir


Ritter's Powder Level 1

Level Requirement: 21

Increases STR, REC by 3 each for 10 minutes. Its effect will vanish when dead. Restricted to characters currently in use. <Trade limited item>


Thin Meats may be dropped by Willieoseu Leopards and Big Monkeys, among others. This is a recurring quest, as soon as you have completed it, you get it again.


Quest Text

I left my hometown, the place where my friends are living and came as far as here to repay my master for his kindness.

However, I was parted from my master around this area. I haven't found his trace thus far, and I'm waiting for him here.

However, I haven't eaten anything for several days, so please give me something to eat.

Then I'll give you a very mysterious medicine.

well~ How do you think? Do you want to bring me something to eat to me? hmm...I like Thin Meats. Just remember~

Reward Text

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