Humans are one of four playable Races and are joined with the Elves to form the Alliance of Light.

Races Human

Male and Female Human


Newest to the lands of Teos are the Humans. Spiritual, strong, and swift, the Humans are adept at nearly every job that Teos has to offer. However, their power truly lies in their strength of body and spiritual nature. Born Fighters and Priests, the Humans are natural complement to the magical Elves. Brought to Teos by the Goddesses, the hope was that the Humans would help restore balance and unity. Unfortunately, the Humans got swept up into the chaos, and the Elves were the first to assist them.

Race Bonus

Humans get a LUC bonus upon creation, all of them having 4 LUC more than other races (see other races articles for different bonuses.)


There are three classes available to the Humans, they are;

Class Icon Fighter Fighter
Class Icon Defender Defender
Class Icon Priest Priest


As standard there are five hairstyles, five faces and five heights to choose from.