Guilds are a group of players that are formed to protect mutual interests and make friends.

Anyone can attempt to form a guild in Shaiya, but there are a couple requirements

  • Need 7 people in a party
    • All 7 must be Normal Mode or higher
    • None of the 7 can currently be in a guild
    • None of the 7 can have applied to another guild in the past 72 hours
  • Party Leader must be level 11+
  • Party Leader must have 1000 gold on their character

If you are able to meet these requirements, then talk to a Guild Master  to create your guild.
You can find a Guild Master in two places for each faction.

  • Alliance of Light
    • Keolloseu - center of town by the fountain
    • Apulune - in the Stardust Knights section
    • Valdemar Regnum - Arke
    • Guild manage office - Guild manage office
  • Union of Fury
    • Gliter - just east of the Blacksmith
    • Iris - in the Adelneia Parliament section
    • Abarona - Palaion Regnum

After your guild is established you have the possibility to purchase a Guild House. But to do so you must be one of the top 30 ranked guilds in the faction. A guild's ranking is primarily established by participating in the Guild Ranking Battle, it is also possible to gain ranking through Guild v Guild battles.

For Guild Chat, see Interface.


Guild Lists