Quest Information

Given From: Claret
Level Requirement: 22
Prerequisites: <none>


You have to hunt 10 Fedion Thief Monkeys and return to Claret in the farm.

You will find the Fedion Thief Monkeys north of the village.


3,710 Experience
13,860 Gold


Head to the northeastern side of the farm and proceed to kill Fedion Thief Monkeys.


Quest Text

Nice to meet you, I'm Claret. I'm the owner of the local winery. We make top quality wine using grapes from the local farms. I personally inspect the grapes we have harvested and remove inferior grapes. Unfortunately, I have a new job these days...

Recently, some of the crates we put grapes in have been smashed open overnight. We lost half of a day's work because the grapes got crushed and dirty. I wanted to figure out what's going on so I stood guard last night. Do you know what it was? Those damn Fedion Monkeys living above the farm did this! Lucky thing I was armed... I got to punish them a bit.

But now I have to clean up the mess those monkeys made so I'm quite busy. Do you think you could help me out? Thanks, go and show them what a real nightmare is like!

Reward Text

Thanks so much! Those monkeys will stay clear of here now! Thanks!