Update - Wednesday, January 16, 2008

1. MASSIVE Item Mall Pricing changes. You spoke. We listened. We have made numerous adjustments to the prices in the Item Mall. There are too many on sale to list.

2. Disguise and Transformation fixed. Something happened in last week temporary cease fire that made the Assassin/Ranger skills Disguise and Transformation not work. These skills should work correctly now.

3. No more Christmastime. The music, the decorations, Sexy Santa, the Santa Troll Brothers, and the controversial Santa Hat are all gone.

4. Weather changes. Snow is still on the ground, but no longer falls from the sky. You can turn your effects back on, but may still wish to keep Glow Effect lowered.

5. Wind Noise. It took some time, but the wind noise in Shaiya is finally linked to the Environmental Sounds slider. Yes, you can make Shaiya silent. (Those on Ventrillo and TeamSpeak, feel free to cheer now.)

6. Equality now! Equality now! Level 40 mounts now cost 11 million gold. Period. Racial & factional equality NOW! Fight the power!