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There are two factions. The Humans & Elves form the Alliance of Light and the Nordein & Vail form the Union of Fury.

Alliance of Light

The Humans

Newest to the lands of Tios are the Humans. Spiritual, strong, and swift, the Humans are adept at nearly every job that Tios has to offer. However, their power truly lies in their strength of body and spiritual nature. Born Fighters and Priests, the Humans are natural complement to the magical Elves. Brought to Tios by the Goddesses, the hope was that the Humans would help restore balance and unity. Unfortunately, the Humans got swept up into the chaos, and the Elves were the first to assist them.

Human Classes include Fighter, Defender and Priest.

The Elves

Methodical, deliberate, and smart are just some of the words used to describe the Elves. The Elves, like the Vail, are descendents from the Dumianas. The Laws of Nature are very important to the Elves, and their society relies on order and discipline. The Elves are in constant conflict in their attempts to keep the monsters of Tios outside of their borders. The magical Elves are the chosen of the Goddess of Light.

Elven classes include Ranger, Archer and Mage.

Union of Fury

The Vail

Intelligent and swift, cunning and spiritual, the Vail are the chosen of the Goddess of Darkness. One of the two races that are descendents of the Dumianas, the Vail, while exotic and mysterious in appearance, are not the war-like people most expect them to be. Ferocious and treacherous only when necessary, the Vail seek to find a state of equilibrium in their surroundings. Not as strong as some of the other races, the Vail use stealth and the mystical arts when in battle.

Vail Characters include the Pagan, Oracle, and Assassin.

The Nordein (aka Deatheaters)

Towards the end of the great war, the Goddesses created the Nordein to help protect Tios. The Nordein, or “Deatheaters,” have every appearance of being brutish and unintelligent, violent and aggressive. But this race of Ancients is a book that should not be judged by its cover. In the wars that followed their appearance on Tios, the Nordien acquired a disdain for magic and choose not to use it often, if at all. This is likely one reason that they sided with the spiritual Vail, and not the magical Elves.

Nordein Characters include the Warrior, Guardian and Hunter.

Changing Faction

A player can delete all characters on and account to change factions. If Hard Mode has been unlocked, it will also be available after the change. This is also true for Ultimate Mode. Your items are available that you store in warehouse, you only lose any gold you have the characters before changing sides.