Quest Information

Given From: Assassin Embla
Level Requirement: 21
Prerequisites: <none>

    • Repeatable""


You have to give two Broken Cores to Assassin Embla. Listed in the quest as 'Broken Coars', but you are looking for Broken Cores.


Reward is 1 vial of Eihcim's Competence - raises Dex & luck x 3 for 10 minutes, unless you are killed beforehand. Not tradeable apparently.

OR an Etin


Because of my master's request, I abandoned my men and obligations and came all this way.

My master ordered me to do one thing, then wait here until I accomplish it.

However, I haven't obtained the most vital material yet - that'd be Broken Cores.

If you don't have any urgent business demanding your attention right now, would you help me out?

If you do, I'll give you some of my handmade medicine. It's very potent!


Dropped by Stone Hammer Dwarf Explorer