A character's class is specific to their Race. Depending on which class is chosen, that character will only be able to use certain Equipment and Skills.

Alliance of Light Union of Fury
Humans Elves Nordeins Vail
Class Icon Fighter Fighter Class Icon Ranger Ranger Class Icon Warrior Warrior Class Icon Assassin Assassin
Class Icon Defender Defender Class Icon Archer Archer Class Icon Guardian Guardian Class Icon Pagan Pagan
Class Icon Priest Priest Class Icon Mage Mage Class Icon Hunter Hunter Class Icon Oracle Oracle

Play Styles

Classes are considered to either be strong in a Party or played Solo. For example, a Defender/Guardian has very high defense, but low attack, and a Pagan/Mage has low defense but high attack. If these two classes party, they can use their strengths to have both high defense and high attack to defeat their opponents. Solo classes generally have more balaced defense and attack and do not depend so much on being in a party. This does not mean they cannot or should not party, only that they would not significantly benefit either way.

The play style of each class may also be affected by a build the player chooses. Using skills and spending Stat Points differently may change their ability to solo or not.

Faction difference

If you read the initial stats for each class you will see there's a slight difference in each faction's counterparts. This happens because each race gets a slight bonus on creation. (See Race Bonus on race)