A bug is a term for an unwanted and unintended property of the game that may cause it to malfunction. It may also be refered to as a glitch or hack. Usually a hack where a bug may be exploited to provide a player with benefits they should not ordinarily have.

If you find a bug
  • Ask for help from other players
You are not alone, always remember that people are happy to help.
  • If no one can help
Try searching this wiki for answers. You may find that someone mentions problems with a specific quest or item and what you should do.
  • Still no luck?
Post a thread on the Shaiya Support Forum to get some help from official admin.

A full listing of pages with reported bugs can be found in Category:Bugs

Most Common Problems
  • The character has become stuck and cannot jump, click or move from that spot.
Type /return in the chat panel and do not move for 10 seconds. If the character will not stand still, log out and try again.
  • The button to accept a quest reward does not appear.
Click the top of the empty black box.