Quest Information

Given From: Tbon
Level Requirement: 23
Prerequisites: Another Secret(2)


Luckily the rumor Daisy has been worried about turned out the be false. Now go back to Haldeck Farm and deliver the story Tbon told you to Daisy.


300 Experience
1,400 Gold


Head back east to Haldeck Farm and return to Daisy. Speak with her to complete the quest.


Quest Text

(after reading a Letter of Daisy) This girl is looking for her mother? Haldeck Farm? What on earth is this...? This woman... I... She... She used to be my wife! She and a stranger from somewhere else fell in love. After five years of marriage, she left me. They ran away with each other. Yes, I understand now. Haldeck Farm was the place they escaped to... Huh, and they had a baby.

(after looking into a letter again) Wait, what the heck is this?, 'whore'? That's just wrong! I'll kill anyone who says that! She couldn't help who she fell in love with! ...even if it wasn't her husband. I nearly died of grief when she left. You can imagine how much I was in shock when they ran away together, but no one has the right to say things like this!

Now go to this girl claiming to be her daughter, you tell her the truth. Tell her that her mother was a woman in love. You tell her that nasty rumor is not the truth, but please don't tell her who I am. I have no idea why she is asking these questions now... now that her mother is dead. (his eyes well up) If you're done with me, just be gone.

Reward Text

Ah, I have been waiting for you! Did you find something? (after hearing the story, her face brightens) I knew it wasn't true! Oh, thank the Goddess. Now I can clear my mother of these false accusations. I'd like to give something to the person who set all this straight. No? He doesn't want to be know? Oh well.

Thank you so much for all your work and travels. This is too small to be a real reward, but I hope you keep it. I really appreciate your help.