Quest Information

Given From: Daisy
Level Requirement: 23
Prerequisites: Another Secret(1)


You should go to a Arktuis Village with a Letter of Daisy and her late mother's picture. You should find some who knows Daisy's mother there.


300 Experience
1,400 Gold


Follow the road west from the farm to Arktuis. Talk to Tbon Sheldon to complete the quest.


Quest Text

This rumor is totally rediculous. I can end ure whatever silliness people are talking about, but this is insulting! My late mother was NOT some whore! I had intended to figure out the truth on my own, before I got this note Mr. Drunca. I have got to clear my mother from this false accusation!

I learned that my late mother's birthplace was a seashore village, Arktuis Village, west of here. Here are a letter I wrote and a picture of my mother. I am sorry to bother you, but could you find someone who knows something about my mom in Arktuis Village and find out what kind of person she really was? I hope you will... and that you'll bring me some reassurance. I'll be waiting. Please...

Reward Text

What's up? Are you looking for someone? What's this letter? (Tbon reads the letter, with eyes wide in astonishment) Th...this... Hey, how is it possible you know this woman? How?!